Identity Verification

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Identity Verification

IDWise is at the forefront of leveraging the latest advances in AI to instill trust in some of the largest and fastest-growing emerging markets globally – we are the world’s first truly AI-based hyper-localized Enterprise-Grade Identity Verification solution.


ID Documents


Countries & territories


Document Security

truly Ai-based in-house developed tech stress-tested in high complexity markets

Establish trust and deliver a superior user experience

Dramatically accelerate customer conversion and bring down abandonment rates with IDWise’s fully automated, AI-driven, highly accurate and user-friendly identity verification solution

Document Verification

Enable government-issued ID document recognition, data extraction, as well as validation in seconds.

Face Biometric Verification

Ensure the "liveness" of your customer and match the face on the document to the live selfie taken.

e-KYC & AML Compliance

PEPs, Sanctions, Adverse Media, and more, fully integrated within your onboarding journey, with zero lines of code to add!

Proof of Address

Verify end users' addresses proof as part of their journey flow, helping to prevent fraud and money laundering.

Why IDWise?

At IDWise we love to keep things simple.  Everything from our simple all-in pricing plans to our seamless integration is tailored to help you serve your customers quickly and reliably with minimal friction, while focusing your precious resources at what you do best – running your business. We pride ourselves in our long-term partnership approach, recognizing that no two companies are the same when it comes to finding the right mix between speed, user experience, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.


Identity Document Verification

Making sure Documents aren't fake

IDWise empowers businesses who aspire to onboard their customer quickly and safely with the latest cutting-edge technology for validating the integrity and detecting the spoofing of identity documents. IDWise provides a combined solution for checking the physical presence and detecting any digital manipulation on identity documents.

Cost Effective

Our reliance on cutting-edge in house developed tech enables us to provide transparent and competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Unmatched Global ID Document Coverage Breadth and Depth

13,000+ Documents in 200+ countries and territories, with a special focus on emerging markets and non-Latin languages.

Team with 50+ Years of Combined Specialist Domain Expertise

Seasoned leadership team with a strong execution track record in delivering "bank-grade" ID verification solutions for large enterprises clients globally.

Seamless Integration

Add IDWise to your system in 5 minutes! We offer many integration options that can fit every business, including Mobile and Web SDKs, APIs, Webhooks, and more; we even have low-code / no-code integration options and are compatible with other platforms such are Zapier!

Enterprise-Grade Support from our London HQ

We appreciate the sensitivity of the Identity Verification process and its core impact on your operations. That's why we offer London-based dedicated customer support through the journey 24/7/365 - no bots or offshore customer agents. Our A-team of IDWisers is always one message away.

Tech-First, Powered by state-of-the-art AI

Highest automation rates in the industry with minimal reliance on costly humans, delivering a more consistent, adaptable, faster and cost-efficient identity verification journey without any compromise in fraud prevention accuracy levels. With IDWise you can have it all!

Onboard at Lightspeed

End-to-end onboarding journey within 10-15 seconds with a 90%+ first time pass-rate - even in high complexity emerging markets.

Obsessed with UX and User Conversion

We understand that Identity Verification is not just a back office compliance tool. It's a profit center. Every second matters. That's why our UI/UX is among the most flexible and adaptable in the industry. There is no one size fits all.

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Make Identity Verification a breeze

Our IDWise next-gen Identity Verification solution ensures the safety of both your business and customers by bringing transparency and trust to digital transactions. Our AI-powered technology combined with our team of specialists ensure that only trustworthy people access your services.

taking a photo of UAE id

Take a picture of the ID Document

taking a photo of UAE id
Young man using face id for unlock mobile phone outdoors.

Take A Selfie

IDWise will then within seconds, leveraging certified AI technology, perform two essential cross-checks to establish the existence of the person associated with the ID document

Young man using face id for unlock mobile phone outdoors.
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Decision is made - Customer Onboarded!

IDWise uses advanced artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately verify identities based on the specific criteria required by your business. The data is processed by IDWise, resulting in a decision within minutes.

Asian Businessman smiling and working to analyze technical price graph and indicator. finance