Auto-Capture & Read Proof of Address

Comply with global regulations, convert more customers faster and save costs by automating your Proof of Address (PoA) document capture process in one place as part of your customer onboarding journey flow.

Enable An Effortless Onboarding Journey

Capture & Read Address Details

IDWise captures and reads the address details provided in the Proof of Address document submitted by your customers. This added feature enables you to quickly extract and cross-check this information with the rest of the documents provided during the onboarding journey. It also helps reduce the risk of fraud and money laundering, providing additional security and protection for both your business and your customers.

Cross Check Details with ID Document

Verify the accuracy and authenticity of the provided PoA by comparing them with other ID document(s) provided by your customer to help prevent fraud and money laundering.

Check Against Digital Tampering

Look for traces of digital manipulation (editing using Photoshop or Paint), highlighting the region of interest where the potential manipulation took place.

Various Documents and File Types

Accept different document types, such as utility bills, bank statements, and rental agreements, for secure verification. Allow camera auto-capture or file upload of PDF and JPG documents, as well as other file types.

Why IDWise PoA?

Streamline Your Onboarding Process with PoA Verification

Are you tired of manually verifying the address information of your end users?

IDWise’s Proof of Address (PoA) feature can help! With the ability to accept multiple document types, such as utility bills and rental agreements, and extract and read address details, our system can streamline your onboarding process and reduce the risk of fraud and money laundering.

Do you need an efficient and reliable way to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations?

By including a PoA step in the journey flow you can extract and cross-check address details, reducing the risk of fraud and helping to prevent money laundering. This added feature not only enables you to better comply with regulations in multiple countries, but it also provides additional security and protection for end users.


Digital Tampering

Increased security

With fraudsters constantly upping their game, so must your verification systems and fraud defenses. IDWise provides a powerful solution that identifies whether the identity document image presented by the potential customer was digitally doctored using Photoshop or any image editor, dramatically reducing the risk of accepting digitally manipulated documents.

Detecting the invisible

Our solution detects visible and invisible traces of digital manipulation by inspecting the image pixel inconsistencies and highlighting the suspected areas, enabling you to marvel at the most elaborate pieces of digital tampering art work without paying the price!

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