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Headquartered in London, UK with 40+ "IDWisers" working across 5 countries, we serve digitally disruptive hypergrowth tech ventures and large enterprise customers in 6 countries across multiple industry verticals, including fintech, insurance, crypto, transport, and logistics, having reached more than 3 million verification journeys through our platform within less than a year from inception.

About Idwise

Super-charging Your Remote Customer Onboarding Journey

In an era of increasing digitization and further fuelled by Covid-19, more identity verification transactions than ever are carried out remotely, creating more opportunities for fraudsters to take advantage. Trust has sadly become a rare commodity.

At IDWise we supercharge your remote digital customer onboarding journey with our automated AI-based global Identity Verification and e-KYC solution.

We are proud to be at the forefront of leveraging the latest advances in AI to help instill trust in some of the largest and fastest-growing markets globally, with a particular focus on the emerging markets of the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Meet the Team behind IDWise

Experienced leadership team with 50+ years of combined domain expertise and a strong execution track record in developing and scaling “bank grade” ID verification solutions for large enterprises clients globally.

It all started with the sale of London-based Identity Verification pioneer IDScan Biometrics Ltd to GBG plc in 2016, where Baha, the “banker behind the exit” met Moneer and Heskol – the “founding fathers” and tech masterminds behind IDScan’s transformation into a bank-grade enterprise Identity Verification solution.

Realizing the need for a global next-gen solution that solves the emerging markets ID&V problem, compounded by Covid-19,  they jointly embarked on a mission with a deep sense of purpose – to leverage AI to enable the digital revolution to prosper.


Baha Arab

Co-Founder & CEO

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-02 at 18.35.23

Moneer Alitto

Co-Founder & CTO


Mohammad Heskol

Co-Founder & VP Engineering


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