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An enterprise grade Identity Verification solution you can trust to adapt and scale with your business globally

Our IDWise next-gen Identity Verification solution enables you to optimally balance the competing demands of trust, compliance and user experience in a cost effective manner without any compromise – no matter where you operate globally.

Unlimited ID Document data extraction tailored to your KYC and KYB needs

US-NIST certified instant selfie facematch and liveness detection with 99.99% accuracy and 99% first-time pass

Smart AI-assisted frictionless ID Document and Selfie capture with free retries

Enterprise-Grade custom development, bespoke multi-language verification flows and branding

Free integration via Mobile and Web SDKs, APIs, Webhooks, low-code / no-code

Free lifetime AAA customer support from our London HQ

Local cloud deployment in compliance with emerging markets data residency rules

IDWise Compliance Review Dashboard to review verifications in real-time - tailored to your onboarding flow

Global PEP & Sanctions incl. ongoing monitoring - optional add-on at $0.25 per check

Proof of Address - optional add-on inquire for more details

Key Benefits of the IDWise Solution at a Glance

Establish trust at registration and continuously thereafter with our truly AI-based solution, leveraging the power of automation acquire customers faster and dramatically reduce costs while exceeding global KYC and AML compliance requirements globally.


Take a manual process to digitally frictionless 10x faster.

Reduce data fragmentation and review cycles.


Enable an instant verification process for customer/employee activation and transactions.


Establish trust with your customers remotely faster and manage business risks more effectively.

Give your customers higher confidence that accounts and data are secure.


Stay on top of the most stringent global and local KYC compliance requirements with ease.

Make costly and cumbersome manual database inquiries fraught with false matches a thing of a past thanks to our automated ongoing PEP & Sanctions monitoring of your customers.

Customer Service

Drive up customer engagement and retention levels with a simplified and speedy onboarding process.

Ability to transact with confidence with the client’s digital service.


Reduce costs by eliminating manual verification processes.

Boost customer onboarding success while reducing cost associated with fraud with easy all-in pricing.

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