Facial Verification

Match the face on the document to the self-taken portrait (selfie) and ensure with confidence that you are dealing with a real-life person without having to spend a second on a video call or in person visit.

Enable An Effortless Onboarding Journey

Face recognition biometrics

With the rise of digital remote onboarding, fraud through impersonation and identity theft has witnessed a sharp increase and is becoming ever more sophisticated. This trend has rendered even established automated identity verification systems relying solely on documents and database inquiries ineffective in preventing bad actors from slipping through the verification net and prompted some companies or even regulators to resort to oftentimes cumbersome and costly manual verification methods that inconvenience the end customer and harm conversion rates.

Facial Biometrics Solution

The ultimate Bank-Grade security layer with minimal friction with certified biometrics

Verify the identity of your customers and users by the most natural means, their face! IDWise Facial Verification is intuitive, fast and reliable. It adds extra security to your onboarding journeys with minimal friction.

Our passive liveness check is certified by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), ensuring a 99.9% accuracy rate.
Facial Biometrics Solution

Build trust with a personal touch

Grow the confidence and trust in your products and services while maintaining the personal connection to your users. Onboarding is your first impression on your user and you want that to be the absolute best it can: warm, personal and trustworthy. 


Gain the benefits, let us handle the complexity

IDWise supports different integration patterns and can customise many aspects of the solution to your needs. We put our extensive experience in the domain of biometrics at your fingertips so your business gets the best of it. Our approach is to understand your business needs and provide a tailored solution on the most efficient technology to suit and benefit your users. ID verification as it should be – frictionless and effective without the compromise!


The IDWise experience

IDWise Facial Verification employs advanced state of the art facial biometrics and certified verification technology adhering to global standards, and is continuously updated by our highly specialized London-based experts with a combined 45 years of experience in delivering enterprise grade solutions to global financial institutions. Our solution checks multiple facial features to verify that the self taken portrait (selfie) is of a live person and not from a pre-taken photograph, document or screen. It also compares the live selfie photo to the photo provided on the Identity Document to confirm whether they are the same person, all within seconds.

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