Identity Document

Enable government-issued ID document recognition, data extraction, and validation in seconds.

Enable An Effortless Onboarding Journey

Automatically verify government-issued identity documents

IDWise’s cutting-edge document verification solution establishes a robust layer of trust between your business and your prospective customer so that you can focus your effort on developing your business faster and with more confidence while stopping even the most sophisticated fraudsters in their tracks.

Consistency and Scalability

Leveraging the latest and greatest in machine learning and AI technology, IDWise's proprietary document library constantly learns thousands of document templates and security features.

Customer Conversion

It is frustrating to tell your prospective customer that their account will take days (or even hours) to get activated. Supercharge your digital onboarding process with IDWise and welcome your customers in minutes, and more of them!


Stay ahead of the ever increasing number of regulations. IDWise enables you to increase your compliance with AML/KYC requirements as well as GDPR and other industry-specific standards.

next-gen identity verification

Consistency and Scalability

Utilising latest technology

Leveraging the latest advances in machine learning and AI technology, IDWise’s proprietary document library constantly learns thousands of document templates and security features. Our unique emerging markets expertise coupled with our tech-first approach enables us to offer the highest levels of document coverage even in the most complex emerging markets where most conventional incumbent solutions fail.  

Trust in our validation

You can trust that every single document is validated to the same exact level with speed and accuracy levels surpassing those of the most experienced agents. 

Scalability to any size

A solution that easily scales with your business and delivers highly consistent, easy to process results, tackling even the most fragmented customer base across highly complex emerging markets. 


Leverage the power of the cloud while staying compliant

Flexible local cloud deployment on any Tier 1 Cloud Provider globally

Make costly and cumbersome to maintain and functionally limited on device and on-premise SDKs thing of the past.

Experience our full suite of AI-based next-gen Identity Verification on the cloud environment that suits your information security needs and complies with local regulations. 

We offer fully flexible Enterprise-grade deployment of our solution on any Tier 1 cloud instance globally, including AWS, Oracle, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.    

All in full compliance with the most stringent in-country data residency regulatory requirements. 



Always ahead of regulations

Stay ahead of the ever increasing number of regulations. IDWise enables you to increase your compliance with AML/KYC requirements as well as GDPR and other industry-specific standards.

Customisable Dashboards

Our highly customizable and user friendly dashboard will enable you to easily design and maintain a clear, transparent and fact based audit trail indicating multiple security features checked during the customer onboarding along with how you arrived at the decision to on-board each customer.

Enable An Effortless Onboarding Journey

Latest cutting-edge technology

IDWise empowers businesses who aspire to onboard their customer quickly and safely with the latest cutting-edge technology for validating the integrity and detecting the spoofing of identity documents. IDWise provides a combined solution for checking the physical presence and detecting any digital manipulation on identity documents.


Digital Tampering

Increased security

With fraudsters constantly upping their game, so must your verification systems and fraud defenses. IDWise provides a powerful solution that identifies whether the identity document image presented by the potential customer was digitally doctored using Photoshop or any image editor, dramatically reducing the risk of accepting digitally manipulated documents.

Detecting the invisible

Our solution detects visible and invisible traces of digital manipulation by inspecting the image pixel inconsistencies and highlighting the suspected areas, enabling you to marvel at the most elaborate pieces of digital tampering art work without paying the price!


Physical Presence Checks

AI and machine-learning based solutions

IDWise provides AI and machine-learning based solutions to detect the physical presence of identity documents. Capturing identity documents from screen or photocopy leaves some visible and invisible traces. Unlike many conventional verification solutions, IDWise automatically detects in seconds whether a document picture was taken from a screen or a photocopy.

Customised Checks

We also provide customised checks to detect any physical portrait photo substitution. Our solution detects these traces by using a state-of-the-art, deep-learning-based solution.

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