Image Integrity Verification

Ensure that the image of the document is not tampered with or manipulated.

Enable An Effortless Onboarding Journey

Latest cutting edge technology

IDWise empowers businesses who aspire to onboard their customer quickly and safely with the latest cutting-edge technology for validating the integrity and detecting the spoofing of identity documents. IDWise provides a combined solution for checking the physical presence and detecting any digital manipulation on identity documents.


Physical Presence Checks

AI and machine-learning based solutions

IDWise provides AI and machine-learning based solutions to detect the physical presence of identity documents. Capturing identity documents from screen or photocopy leaves some visible and invisible traces. Unlike many conventional verification solutions, IDWise automatically detects in seconds whether a document picture was taken from a screen or a photocopy.

Customised Checks

We also provide customised checks to detect any physical portrait photo substitution. Our solution detects these traces by using a state-of-the-art, deep-learning-based solution.


Digital Tampering

Increased security

With fraudsters constantly upping their game, so must your verification systems and fraud defenses. IDWise provides a powerful solution that identifies whether the identity document image presented by the potential customer was digitally doctored using Photoshop or any image editor, dramatically reducing the risk of accepting digitally manipulated documents.

Detecting the invisible…

Our solution detects visible and invisible traces of digital manipulation by inspecting the image pixel inconsistencies and highlighting the suspected areas, enabling you to marvel at the most elaborate pieces of digital tampering art work without paying the price!

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