Healthcare and Insurance Identity Verification with IDWise

IDWise offers a comprehensive suite of identity verification solutions designed to meet the unique challenges faced by the healthcare and insurance industries. By using advanced biometric authentication, document verification, and anti-money laundering (AML) tools, IDWise ensures that healthcare providers and insurance companies can securely verify the identities of patients, doctors, and other stakeholders in the industry.

Key Challenges for Healthcare and Insurance Industry

Patient ID Verification:

IDWise's identity verification services enable healthcare providers and insurance companies to securely verify government-issued identity documents, ensuring patient privacy and data protection.

Telehealth and Telemedicine Support:

With the increasing adoption of telehealth and remote medical services, IDWise's online identity verification tools help to safeguard patients and health records during virtual consultations.

HIPAA Compliance:

IDWise adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), ensuring the secure management of sensitive patient data.

Healthcare Fraud Prevention:

The platform's AML and KYC compliance check tools help to identify and prevent medical identity theft, medical fraud, and insurance fraud.

Seamless Integration:

IDWise's developer-friendly SDKs and APIs](** make it easy to integrate the platform into existing healthcare and insurance systems, including web and mobile applications.

How IDWise Works


1. Onboarding and Authentication:

Patients, doctors, and other healthcare stakeholders can easily onboard and authenticate themselves using IDWise’s Face Match & Liveness and proof of address features.

2. Document Verification:
IDWise’s AI-based document verification system scans and validates identity documents, ensuring accuracy and reducing the risk of fraud.
3. Age Verification:

IDWise’s age verification feature enables healthcare providers and insurance companies to confirm patients’ ages for age-restricted services, such as online prescriptions.

4. AML and KYC Compliance:

IDWise’s AML and KYC software helps healthcare providers and insurance companies to adhere to regulatory requirements and prevent financial crime.

Industry-Specific Applications

Hospitals and Clinics:

IDWise's identity verification tools ensure the secure management of patient intake, enrolment, and health records, streamlining processes and enhancing patient trust.


IDWise helps telemedicine providers to securely verify patients' identities and protect sensitive health information during remote consultations and online prescription services.


IDWise's age verification and document authentication features enable pharmaceutical companies to comply with regulations and ensure the proper distribution of prescription medications.


IDWise's fraud prevention tools and identity verification services help insurance companies to detect and prevent insurance fraud, ensuring accurate claims processing and policy issuance.

Learn more about IDWise and how it can benefit the healthcare and insurance industries by visiting their homepage, developers homepage, or downloading their comprehensive guide on implementing an effective eKYC/AML system in emerging markets.
IDWise Solutions:

Success Stories and Practical Applications

Telecommunication companies worldwide trust IDWise to enhance their identity verification processes, achieving growth and security. A leading mobile network operator utilized IDWise’s KYC and AML solutions to optimize subscriber onboarding, resulting in increased customer conversion rates and improved compliance. Another telco provider employed IDWise’s biometric authentication solution to reinforce customer activation, significantly reducing identity fraud risks and boosting customer trust.